Corporate Communications

David Scott Consulting has solutions for all your employee-communications and investor-relations needs.

We’ll help you develop in-house publications that generate excitement about your company and build employees’ commitment to strategic objectives and performance targets.

We’ll help your executives find the right words for important speeches or press appearances. And we’ll help you create annual reports that not only deliver the facts, but also communicate the unique vision and personality of senior management.

In all these areas, we’ll work with your in-house design team or, if you prefer, we’ll do the design and production ourselves.

We also offer corporate communications “audits.” We’ll evaluate how well your existing corporate communications materials convey your vision and promote your goals—providing you with a written report that includes concrete recommendations and proposals for improving your efforts.

Finally, if you need a full-time corporate communications department but don’t have the budget for one, consider client-contracting with David Scott Consulting. We’ll provide you with the attention and dedication that you’d expect from an in-house staff at monthly rates that you can afford.


Sample Annual Report: Inside Spread

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